Saturday, April 10, 2010

Why do "they" make international adoption so difficult?

This is a question we get A LOT. Often, its asked in a tone that alludes to some kind of mysterious conspiracy "they" developed to make sure children remain orphans.

The truth is, most countries want the best for their children. Some countries decide that allowing their children to be adopted by people from another country and culture is acceptable....others are not willing to do that.

Many countries even keep pretty close tabs on children that have been adopted. We will have to write a letter and send photos of our son back to Ethiopia EVERY year until he turns 18.

International adoption is "difficult" (requires much paperwork, parental education, and appropriate controls) because most countries do want their children to be well taken care of.

What could possibly be worse than growing up in an orphanage with no family, you ask. Well, THIS.

Devastating. Not only for this one child, but for many who are in orphanages waiting for families....and families who are waiting for their children.... Russia to U.S. adoptions are now in jeopardy.

This kind of situation is why international adoptions are so "difficult"...."they" are trying to make sure things like this don't happen to children.

It's worth it.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

In Ethiopia!!

Our paperwork, that is. This is big news. It means we have "officially" begun "the wait".

So, what exactly are we waiting on?? We're waiting on a referral (adoption speak for being matched with a child). Currently, the wait time for a baby boy is 3-8 months. We're hoping we'll get to see his cute little face in closer to 3 months rather than 8! My sweet Nana says she's already got him pictured in her mind...we see him in every little African face we come across.

After so many paperwork delays it feels good to be "officially" waiting. Hopefully we'll feel the same way a few months from now. 

Please remember to keep "baby Eli" in your prayers. We'll keep you posted on anything exciting that happens during "the wait".

I'll share another pic from Ghana - sweet little girl

Happy Easter!
...join us as we bring baby "Eli" home from Ethiopia and advocate for the 147 million orphans worldwide...