Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Few Really Great Things....

 Things That Are Great:
1. Tomorrow we get on a plane, when we get off, we meet our little man!
2. Our flight actually leaves at 11:30am, not 7:30am like we had in our head - we'll take a couple of extra hours of sleep.
3. Our awesome family, church family and friends - we've truly been OVERWHELMED by the support and prayers.

Things You Can Pray For:
1. Little Man (you can do this for the rest of your life, actually)
2. Safe Travel
3. Our first interaction with Eli Tariku! Monday,1pm Addis time, 5am Central time
4.COURT DATE - FEB. 9TH, 3 pm Addis Time, 7 am Central Time - All of the right documents need to be in place in order to keep the process moving.
...join us as we bring baby "Eli" home from Ethiopia and advocate for the 147 million orphans worldwide...