Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Few Really Great Things....

 Things That Are Great:
1. Tomorrow we get on a plane, when we get off, we meet our little man!
2. Our flight actually leaves at 11:30am, not 7:30am like we had in our head - we'll take a couple of extra hours of sleep.
3. Our awesome family, church family and friends - we've truly been OVERWHELMED by the support and prayers.

Things You Can Pray For:
1. Little Man (you can do this for the rest of your life, actually)
2. Safe Travel
3. Our first interaction with Eli Tariku! Monday,1pm Addis time, 5am Central time
4.COURT DATE - FEB. 9TH, 3 pm Addis Time, 7 am Central Time - All of the right documents need to be in place in order to keep the process moving.


  1. We will be praying for you guys! So exciting! God is good!

  2. We are so excited for you guys! We will definitely pray as you travel to see that beautiful little boy.

    Becky, Greg and Chase

  3. We are so happy for y'all!! Being a parent is the most awesome thing ever!

  4. Wish i could be there to HUG you and PRAYER for you and CRY with excitement! I am SOOOOOO excited!!! I am ready for you to be home with that precious baby!! AHHH! I cant wait!

  5. Praying. Waiting. Expecting. Anticipating... Yey, God!!

  6. Argg! I did this once and it didn't post, so here goes again. Since, I bombed the whole scrapbook thing, I'll get it in now!
    Father, be with Eli over the next couple of days. Give him a supernatural sense that something great is about to happen and when he sees his mom and dad, let him know for certain that this is it! Be with Anna and John ss they fly. Keep them safe and help them to rest at the right times so their bodies are on the right schedule when they arrive. Keep them healthy and accident free throughout the trip so they can fully enjoy Eli and meet all his needs. Give them the stamina for this physcially and emotionally taxing journey. In Jesus' Name,
    P.S. give them all an overwhelming desire to see Eli's great aunt April as soon as possible!


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