Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Home For (Almost) Three Weeks

I've been gently reminded that I haven't updated my blog since we've been home....So, here goes:

Here are some pictures because I know that's what you really want.

Daddy came to Ethiopia for Tariku's embassy appointment and to fly home with us!

Tariku loves "helping." His favorite thing to help with is dishes.
Feed the ducks at City Park

Tariku LOVES music. There are a couple of movies that he really likes and he calls them by the name of songs that are in them. Right now his favorites are "Life is a Highway" (Cars), "Goin' Down the Bayou" (Princess and the Frog) and "I like to Move It, Move It" (Madagascar).

One afternoon my sister Rachel and I came home from the gym to find Dad, Tariku and Uncle Tyler sitting in the church's van, rocking out.

He says everything with the cutest little accent. It's hard to get it on video, though. Every time I pull out the camera or the flip he stops whatever cute thing he's doing and wants to be the camera operator.

It really has been a great three great weeks. Eli Tariku has adjusted marvelously. There were only a couple of mornings that we were up at 4am because of jet lag :)


  1. You're right!! We did want pictures =)) I am so happy to see your family of three together finally!! Can't wait to see more pictures of little Eli Tariku!!

  2. If I am included in the "gentle reminder" group I'm OK with that ;) So glad to see pics of your family and am thrilled that he is doing so well!

  3. Tariku is so cute!! It's obvious he's adjusting well. I hope it continues to go well!! We miss you guys! Kim Byne

  4. Hi Anna,
    How's life treating you? How is Tariku? I haven't been found your website or your profile on facebook before. Then I found your web site Adventures in Hope from The Brannan Brief (Cimbrey). I saw that you are with Jon and Tariku. I like your web site. Please give my best wishes to your husband. I thank you so much for giving my address to Cimbrey. Cimbrey bought my two paintings. Can I write to Mike(Michael)please? Will you give me Mike address?
    Thank you very much!
    Good luck...!
    Artist Yoseph Abate
    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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