Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Seeking the Songhai

Today was our first full day of work. Early this morning our group divided into two groups and went to teach English to some Songhai teenagers who sell onions on the side of the road. These fellas pictured below migrated from Niger to Accra, Ghana because their traditional homeland is currently suffering a severe drought. Unfortunately, they lack the English skills needed to get a good job in Ghana, an English speaking nation.
we headed to a school to teach Bible stories and love on the kiddos. God has used a great Christian man to plant a school and church right in the middle of a Muslim neighborhood. The tuition for this school affordable for even the people in this poverty stricken neighborhood. Because it is an excellent school and affordable, many Muslim families send their children there.

If you look closely at this sweet little girl you can see that her parents have lined her eyes with black charcoal to ward off evil spirits.

Austin Lemke helping some kiddos with crafts. Today they learned that God created them and loves them!

Tomorrow we will head back to the school and then we have several opportunities to teach English to some Songhai people and show the Jesus film. Pray that our conversations will express the love of Christ.

This group of students is the first (of any denomination) to engage the Songhai in Ghana. Many of the Songhai have never been exposed to the message of Christ.


  1. Praying for you all as you minister in Ghana! May the Lord give you strength and energy and wisdom as you share His message of hope with those unreached people! We are lifting you up daily in prayer.

    Chuck and Rhonda Kelley

  2. Could you bring the boy on the left with the orange backpack home with you? I like him.


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