Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jet Lag was our first full day in Ghana - and it was a great one! We went down to the Makola Market to meet and interact with the Songhai people in the area. We walked about three miles through the market stopping to talk and give CDs about Jesus to the Songhai vendors.

Currently, there is no church - Ghanian or American - seeking to reach the Songhai in Accra, Ghana. Many of the them have never heard the gospel.

Jet lag had caught up with some of us at the end of the day... We sat down to eat a delightful dinner at a restaurant - of course, Pastor David's food came first - which he proceeded to gloat about...

But, it meant that he had to wait for all of us to finish eating...and that's when the jet lag bear jumped on  his back.

While he slept, we finished eating, got out of the booth and left the restaurant. We sent the doorman back in with a camera to take a picture - the flash on the didn't wake him up and nor did the entire restaurant laughing at him.

The doorman finally shook him and said "your friends left 10 minutes ago. Why did they leave you?"

Picture for your enjoyment:
For a more informative blog about our day check out David's blog. He woke up to write it for you...

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